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Lawn Care & Maintenance Programs

Our lawn maintenance services, including fertilization and weed control, lawn mowing, and thatch control, will ensure your lawn will look its best while saving you hours each week. Please use the contact form for a speedy, free quote, or give us a call for a no-obligations consultation, and together, we can decide which services are best for your lawn and budget. 

#1 Early Spring Application

This is a granular application including pre-emergent to prevent crabgrass and foxtail, and fertilizer to ‘jump start’ your lawn so it greens quickly and grows thick and healthy, preventing weed growth throughout the growing season.  (This a great time for seeding, power raking, and aerating – call us for a free quote. If you plan to do any seeding please let us know so we can adjust your application accordingly.)

# 2 Late Spring Application

This is a liquid application including pre-emergent for crabgrass,  weed control for dandelions, Creeping Charlie, and other weeds, and fertilizer to encourage thick, rich green grass with less room for weeds to emerge. 

#3 Summer Application

This is a granular application including fertilizer to restore nutrients lost during hot, dry summer, and insect control for grubworms and other pests. A healthy lawn is the best defense against harmful pests and diseases. 

#4 Early Fall Application

This is a liquid application including weed control and fertilizer to control dandelions and other weeds and keep your lawn healthy through tough weather. (Fall is a great time to seed, power rake, or aerate your lawn – we provide free quotes, so give us a call if interested)

#5 Late Fall Application

This is a granular applicaton including a complete balanced fertilizer to feed your lawn throughout winter. Encourages your lawn to emerge healthier, greener, and thicker the following spring.

Lawn Aeration

Compaction is the #1 inhibitor of a healthy lawn. If you haven't been aerating your lawn, now is the time to start. Aeration is the process of removing plugs of soil from the turf and it reduces compaction and reintroduces oxygen, water, and nutrients into the root zone for improved pathogen resistance and overall health of your lawn. 

Lawn Power Raking

Thatch blocks water, air, and nutrients from entering the soil, inhibiting healthy absorption and growth of your lawn. Power raking is the process of removing thatch from your lawn, creating a healthy surface that more efficiently absorbs nutrients from water and fertilizer, allowing for a more vigorous lawn. 

Lawn Mowing

The most important maintenance practice for a healthy lawn is proper and consistent mowing practices. Save hours of time each week while our professional mowing crew takes care of the mowing for you. 

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